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Our Team

Kathrin BUNZEL

Customs Consulting


Specialized in Export Control Regulations



Im- and Export


Since 2004, Kathrin has gained her knowledge and qualifications in the import and export world as well as in the field of customs.


Through numerous seminars at the relevant customs institutions and a graduate of the certified remote customs training course, as well as the IHK workshop in export control law, she will be happy to provide you with expert and competent help in this area.


Do you have questions regarding export control regulations? Feel free to contact Kathrin by phone +49 176 1467 9321 or by email kathrin.bunzel @ any time.


Enrika Naujoke


Customs Knowledge Platform


Enrika has extensive experience in customs brokerage, training and consulting in several EU member states. She is a member of the editorial board of Customs Compliance & Risk Management (CCRM) magazine. Enrika is also the director of the

Lithuanian Customs Practitioners Association (LCPA) and one of the directors of the Customs Knowledge Institute (CKI)


You are welcome to contact Enrika by phone +370 6446 5553 or email enrika @ any time.




AWR Außenwirtschaftsrunde e.V.

(AWR Foreign Trade Council) 


EFA Europäisches Forum für Außenwirtschaft, Verbrauchssteuern und Zoll e.V.

(EFA European Forum for Foreign Trade Law, Customs and Excise)


Customs Consultative Committee, Lithuania




Logistics Manager



Import & Export

Air Traffic Safety (Known Consigner)




+49 176 2227 3849


rolf.finger @


Due to his long professional experience (since 1969) in Import and Export, Rolf is highly knowledgeable in all matters related to Customs Act and Procedures. Also in the field of Known Consigner (Air Travel Safety) he can give first-class hints and recommendations. Based on more than 40 years of on the job experience as Logistics Manager, he is the right person to ask for practical help and to get invaluable insights.


Memberships and Participations:


AWA Außenwirtschafts-Akademie GmbH – Insider Forum

(AWA Foreign Trade Academy)


ZAK Zoll- und Außenwirtschafts-Kolleg GmbH

(ZAK Customs and Foreign Trade College)


IHK Industrie- und Handelskammer

(IHK German Chamber of Commerce)


EFA Europäisches Forum für Außenwirtschaft, Verbrauchssteuern und Zoll e.V.

(EFA European Forum for Foreign Trade, Consumer Taxes and Customs)


You need an expertise regarding your customs processes? Simplifications or improvements in your logistics department?


Give Rolf a call or send him an email. He looks forward to hearing from you!

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