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Business Consulting

Nothing is as exciting or normal as change. It doesn’t just bring with it a transformation of familiar circumstances; it is linked to new possibilities, but also risk. Recognizing new opportunities, grabbing them, using them systematically and making them successful with your team; which entrepreneurial challenge could be more satisfying?


Our strength is to lead YOU to success through professional competence, superior performance and the right team spirit. Not just nationally, but also internationally.


We will enthusiastically search for opportunities, address the risk and tackle the challenge.


Tell us about your problems – we will develop solutions!

Our areas of expertise:

•  General Management in SMEs

•  HR Direct Recruiting (Headhunting)

•  Management- and Strategy Consulting

•  Lean Management and Business Processes

•  Global Sales Marketing

•  Change Management in Special Situations

•  Growth & Investments

•  Interim Management in Crises and Exceptional Circumstances

•  Solutions to Complex Problems

•  Communication with Banks and Authorities

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