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What is Compliance? Generally speaking, the term Compliance describes the ability to act according to an order, set of rules or request. In a business and financial context, it means that an organization follows relevant external laws, regulations and guidelines. From an internal point of view, it also means that the organization’s people respect corporate policy, procedures and the code of conduct for accepted behaviour. To make sure that everybody adheres policy, companies need to take organizational precaution. Hence, Compliance is a mandatory and valid system of rules for all employees.


For example, the EU Anti-Terrorism Regulations (EC 881/2002 and 2580/2001) require every national or international company to carry out extensive audit work to identify and prevent prohibited business contacts.


Failure to comply with these regulations will not only result in high fines or imprisonment for up to 15 years - poor compliance beyond prosecution can have far-reaching consequences for your business, such as: serious loss of corporate image, crash of the listing or elimination of lucrative markets (especially the US market).


Don't let it get that far!


Our competence team will gladly assist you in the implementation of legally compliant processes and the corresponding training of your personnel.

A selection of our areas of consulting:

•  AEO certification from A-Z

•  Managing complex, integrated customs projects

•  Assessment of all relevant organizational processes

•  Origin of goods and preferential rights

•  Customs classifications and export control workshops

•  Establishment of an internal customs office

•  Supervision of foreign trade audits

•  Supplier declarations for purchasing, sales and logistics

•  Known Consigner certification / validation

•  Trainings on the security of the international supply chain

Export Control as a Service - please contact us!


CCT Compliance Competence Team


Management Consultant



Import & Export

Air Traffic Safety (Known Consigner)



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Corporate Management

Business Processes

Personnel Development

Gerhard FRIESE

Senior Consultant

Hübner IT Solutions GmbH


Customs and Foreign Trade

Trainings according to LBA,, 11.2.7

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